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1. Educational development


• Shri Swami Samarth Mahila B.C.A. College, Udgir
Shri Swami Samarth Mahila B.C.A. College, Udgir In the rural areas the admissions in the education of girls, is not satisfactory, because to take education is a matter of great expenditure. Parents thinks that why and how to spent such a high expenses on the education of girls, as they are going to get married and will be living with their husbands, and in Indian mentality people thinks that, it is the responsibility of the men to work and female to see the house matters. This is a basic mentality in most of the rural areas of India. The society took the things seriously and with a view to make education available for the girls students in rural areas and those students who are drop outs, for them, the society has started Shri. Swami Samarth Mahila B.C.A. College (Bachelor of computer applications) at Udgir in 2008.
Due to which, it has made facilities available for the girl students and women in rural areas. In this College, girls and women belonging to V.J.N.T. community, backward class, other backward class, economically weaker sections, divorcees, widows, helpless, orphans are taking education. We have opened this College of BCA for Slum dwellers and marginalized communities of India. Lack of constitutional support and stigma of poverty have impressed their life at large which is a main hurdle of their identity. Street children, slum dwellers and depressed women roam from one place to another in search bread, butter and shelter. Because of this compulsion, they don’t have permanent shelter and permanent address and educational facilities. The roots of their so called poverty are in their illiteracy.
This college has started by the permission of the SNDT University. Now the college has got full fleshed building with trained staff and management to take care of all sort educational needs of the students. The students have shown their merit on every year. Now both the batches have 50 students availing education and are getting trained in a brotherly relation. There is a computer lab and library facility in which students are studying at peace and progress. In the campus of the college the academic panel is set up to guide to students for educational excellence. It is very hard for the poor students to get an admission in a high cost colleges in the cities like Pune and Mumbai that is why this our Latur based college has meet the needs of the education of poor students.
Because there are very few computer colleges in the region like Marathwada in the state of Maharashtra. Other- wise a drop out of these students are bound to happen. Considering the seriousness of the issue ABSPM has followed up to the government of Maharashtra and has got the permission to start this college for these students. There are 70 boys admitted in the course. This college has all sorts of facilities like gym, library, Computers laboratory, etc.

• Samarth Swadhar Scheme for Women :
In the Indian society, today also, a major section of women is living an unattended and depressed life. It is happening only due to unavailability of education to them. If the woman is educated then many problems of the community shall be solved automatically. By considering the same, the society has prepared some of the programs and schemes for women. To create awareness in them about their rights, to give information of various schemes that are framed by Central & State Govt. for them, to increase their participation in such programs and the important work of developing their own power of thinking is being done by the society. In such programs, remarkable response of women belonging to all sections are very much spontaneous and overwhelming, i.e. higher, medium and poor section and we are also getting it today as well.

• Samarth Crèches for SC/ST Economically Weaker section:
Children are the future of this nation. For this purpose, excellent care is required to be taken. Enriched nutrient diet, health care of mother, such various aspects are studied by the society and has started Care Centre for small children, (Anganwadi) since 2004. There are 5 anganwadi (crèches) where 125 children are enjoying their fun game and learning run by the society. In this, one anganwadi is located at a distance of 10 KMs. from Latur at Harangul village, Two at East and West side of Mantri Nagar of Latur, one at Shri Nagar, Latur and one at Ram Nagar. In all 5 crèches are being run by the society. There are 25 children at every crèches. One Anganwadi teacher and one helper are appointed for each crèche. By this way, counseling is done for the pregnant women. They are given proper guidance about
their diet and thoughts, which is also one part of this program. There are various types of food support and varieties of toys for smaller children as well. Due to which, this crèche has proved to be a golden opportunity for SC/ST and Economically Weaker Section. The society is making efforts for enlarging the crèches and by distributing toys, various vitamins content dishes for smaller children, and it is observed that there are hurdles being created in such big programme schemes which is a shortage of funds.

2. Natural resource management


• Integrated Watershed Management Program:
Due to the weather changes in draught prone area of Maharashtra State, the proportion of water has not remained constant. Such draught prone area has been included in Integrated Watershed Management program. Based on the common guiding instructions of Watershed Project of Central Government, the “Integrated” Watershed Management Program” is implemented through Govt. of Maharashtra. Our ABSPM has also got this project of Govt. of Maharashtra. As the working of the society has been very good one, so this project has been given to the society. In the rural areas, to make public awareness propagation for water conservation, to unite the people, to guide various groups and to create awareness propagation in them about watershed management program, to achieve economical welfare of
the constituent community by way of self-employment, by way of participation of Gram Sabha and peoples’ participation and consent, considering the local situation and natural and available basic infrastructure, sources, the project is coordinated. Accordingly to make long term planning of self-employment and accordingly with this program, for the farmers of watershed area, landless, agricultural laborers, women, for creating the means of livelihood, to make planning and to make its implementation, to create public awareness propagation about the management of water and the use of water with good capacity, to make awareness thereof, to give emphasis on long term fixed employment and to consolidate and strength the economy based on agriculture and to guide about various system of agriculture etc., such kind of important works are being done by the society under Integrated Watershed Management Program of Govt. of Maharashtra.
The Wasundhara project is in progress at 10 villages in Chakur block of Latur district. The total budget for the activity is of 10 Lacs (INR.) An awareness building regarding the natural resources is the focused activity under this project. This activity is in progress since 2014. Self help group management is also one of the activities to cover under this project.

3. Women Empowerment


• Free Vocational Training for Poor Women :
In the present critical days, the income of a single person does not seem to be sufficient to meet the livelihood expenses of the family. Financial crisis, increasing inflation, education of children, due to all such reasons, the disputes are seen to be creating in the poor family on daily basis. This is clear in the survey conducted by our society. Considering the same, our society is of the views to strengthen the financial condition of the poor families; the society has organized a training program for poor, backward class community and VJNT community women. In this program, they are given training of tailoring. That includes, cutting and sewing of blouse, lady dresses, dresses of small children, Punjabi suit etc. So that, after taking training, they shall be able to stand on their feet.
The society is always cautious in this regard to help to the
poor. However after taking training, it is necessary to make available of sewing machines to the beneficiaries. However due to inadequate funds, it is not possible for the society. Many women who have taken training have been facing problems in starting their own self employment. They are not in a position to purchase the machines as well, due to which they could not start their self employment. So if the funds are made available for purchase of machine, then the society can make distribution of such sewing machines to the poor and needy ladies who have taken training at our institute.

• Samarth Short Stay Home for Women and Girls:
The incidents of divorce have been on increase in the community at large. Due to divorce, many families have disturbed their familiar lives. This short stay home is in progress at Galibnagar, Shivam Building, Usmanabad. There are 25 needy women in this short stay home. This is recognized and supported activity of the Government of Maharashtra. The problems of such divorcee women are very critical and complex one. Our ABSPM is running a shelter home to such women. In this home, the divorcee women who have poor economical conditions are from backward class, belonging to VJNT caste for such women, a training program is being implemented. Vocational education is given to such women and this program is being implemented to enable them by economical stability. In this activity, the women whose ages are in between 18 to 50th year are given admissions. No fee is
charged from them for imparting vocational training of computer and tailoring, these two training programs are in progress at our institute. Step-5 Delete future project Tab Changed name is Legal Status & Add